The Quarantine Collection

Hey there, Sofa Spuds. The world's still on pause and the future is uncertain. But TMK is here for you! A few hours ago we released the first installment of our experimental film project, "The Quarantine Collection".

Unable to stand idly by while our beloved viewers run out of shows to binge (By the way, you should watch Tiger King, it kicks ass.), we answered the filmmakers' call of duty.

Six teammates operating from four isolated locations, (writing, filming, voice over, and editing) working tirelessly to spread joy and laughter in a world gone mad... kinda beautiful, ain't it?

Head over to the front page and check out the newest addition to the TMK library,

"A 30-Step Guide to Handwashing". Enjoy.

#stayathome #bonejanglesiswatching

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