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Nom Nom Nomination!

Hey, super fans. The Top Shorts film festival recently nominated our short film, Coasters: A Film by Ben Kurns, for their annual Best Parody award. We didn't secure the win this year but as they say, it's an honor just to be nominated.

And it truly is, we're honored to work with some of the best comedic talents in show business. We're honored to be recognized by so many cool festivals for our hard work. And we're especially honored to get to do the thing we love most, making kick-ass movies.

We also want to give a shoutout to actor/writer/director Brian Colin Foley, winner of the Top Shorts annual Best Parody Award with his short film, Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story. Congratulations, friend. Keep making kick-ass movies.

If you'd like to watch our own award-winning short about the fascinating history of coasters, check out the link below or on the front page of this very website.

And of course, a final thank you to the Top Shorts Film Festival for this incredible nomination. We can't wait to show you our next kick-ass movie.

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