has happened... See what I did there? So much in fact that I didn't update this blog that all two of you read religiously for like 4 months.

Long story short, we wrote an audio drama that we loved so much, we were unwilling to let it exist as a podcast that maybe 8 people would follow. So we decided to do a bunch more work on it and turn it into an animated series. Does this mean things are taking longer? Yes. Is it frustrating to work day in and day out when the realities of the covid world make all of our goals so much further away? Yes. Are we willing to compromise our artistic vision in order to make things faster? No, my friends. We are not.

"Radio News Network" (our aforementioned pipe dream turned podcast turned animated sitcom) follows the lives and misadventures of the staff of the titular talk radio station. Writing, workshopping, and rewriting has been nonstop for the last 6 months. And we are oh so close to making this dream a reality. Stay tuned. Stay excited. And stay beautiful.

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